Hydro Jetting uses high pressure water to remove contaminants and obstructions in a pipe. Anytime Septic, Inc. uses this high pressure technology to clean and unclog any size piping at your residential, commercial, or industrial building. The high pressure water is very effective at clearing any drain blockage while cleaning the inside of the drain pipes at the same time. Hydro jetting technology is the absolute best solution for cleaning and removing solids from any obstructed pipes.

How does hydro jetting open up and remove solids from my lateral lines?
The process of cleaning lateral lines is to first locate all lateral lines, including the solid line between each lateral line. Once you have done that you MUST HAVE A PUMP TRUCK ONSITE to remove all the solids that are returning back from the end of your lateral lines as the jetter is braking up and sending the solids back to the beginning of the lateral line. This process may take several runs down each line to insure you have recovered all of the solids and have opened the drain field to start receiving water. You must repeat this process throughout the entire system and make necessary repairs to prevent future problems.

Anytime Septic, Inc. offers hydro jetting service with a 2 years parts and labor guarantee. For more information you can contact one of our highly trained lateral lines techs.