Each aerobic system comes with a free, two year maintenance contract that commences the day the installation process is complete. This service is initially provided by the installation company. Since most systems are relatively easily maintained during the first two years, some installers do not offer maintenance beyond that initial period. It then falls to the homeowner to find a licensed service provider who is trained and qualified to maintain the homeowner When you sign up with Anytime Septic, Inc., your maintenance contract is automatically renewed each year. Typical maintenance contracts provide for 2 system inspections per year to certify that the system is operating properly. Expenses associated with repairs, and chlorine (when required) are the responsibility of the homeowner. At Anytime Septic, Inc. we offer once a year pumping for the trash tank and labor for the repairs and chlorine 's specific aerobic system.

What activities are performed during a routine maintenance visit?

This will vary between service providers. At Anytime Septic, Inc. we inspect and clean all electrical and mechanical components to ensure proper functionality. In addition we check the sludge level in your holding tank., check and clean all filters, also check the functionality of the complete system. Upon completion of the inspection we provide our customers a written report of our findings.