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Our goal is to provide our clients with consultation, professional service, and expert advice from start to finish. With a highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we are well equipped to accommodate all of your septic needs.

Jerry Atzbach


How often should a septic field be pumped?

2-3 years on conventional systems and every year on an aerobic system

How much does it cost to pump a septic tank?

Costs range from $350 to $600 on average depending on the size of the tank and how full it is, if you call us we can give you a specific price after a couple of quick questions. We always work to give you the lowest possible price.

What are the signs that your septic tank is full?

Slow drains, standing water over the septic tank, foul smell coming from your yard around the tank, sewage backup, toilets and sinks bubbling.

What to do after septic is pumped?

It's a good idea to go ahead and schedule your next pumping so that you do no get into a situation where you have sewage backing up into your house. Also add an activator.

What if my septic tank has never been pumped?

You will need to have it pumped ASAP and a full inspection done on the system to determine if there are repairs needed.

How long does it take to pump out a septic tank?

It depends on the size of the tank and how full it is but on average 30 minutes.

How long can a septic tank go without being pumped?

It will depend on the capacity of the system and the size of the lateral field.

Can I shower if my septic tank is full?

It would not be a good idea, you should minimize water usage until the tank is pumped and inspected.

How do I clean my septic tank naturally?

There are many "self clean" claims online but those are dangerous. you can damage the tank, plus you would have to dispose of the waste yourself! It's best to have it pumped by a professional with equipment designed to do it right.

How often should a septic field be pumped?

If your septic tank is is properly maintained you should never need to pump out the septic field.